Who We Are

Anovia® Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on finding new ways to realize results through our expertise in planning, process and projects. Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, our clients are primarily based in the greater Chicago area and southern Wisconsin, although we serve clients nationwide.


Strategic Planning
Growth Planning
Value Enhancement


Process Improvement
Process Design
Process Documentation
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Cross-Functional Projects
Strategic Initiatives
Financial Projects
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About Us

We deliver realistic, implementable solutions to drive value, profitability and efficiency.

Anovia Consulting, Inc. is a management consulting firm focused on finding new ways to realize results. We partner with you to bring clarity, strategic insight, direction and confidence to address your most pressing challenges and opportunities.

We ask the hard questions, help identify the opportunities, find or create the necessary information, and develop the innovative strategies that create value for your company. We drive business success through strategic planning and execution, process improvement and efficiencies, and special projects.

Our passion at Anovia is providing realistic, implementable solutions using an integrated approach to business issues. Our focus is on realizing results and improving our clients’ businesses.

Is Anovia right for you?

If you are seeking objectivity, creativity and a fresh perspective or if you are looking for additional expertise or bandwidth not available in-house, Anovia can help you. We understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face in the real world because we have honed our skills in the real world.

Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, our clients are primarily based in the greater Chicago area and southern Wisconsin although we serve clients nationwide. Our clients include small and medium-sized businesses, large Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.

"Superior strategic thinking, above average problem solving and objective assembly of fact-based insights in addressing complex business management situations."

Mike S.

President / Mng Partner, B2B Service Business

Why hire a consulting firm?

We ask questions…and questions have an incredible power to transform the future.   Thinking about your business through questions stimulates the imagination, helps make clearer choices and can generate great results for your business.  In addition to asking questions, we also provide:

•   Objectivity
•   Creativity
•   Fresh perspective
•   Expertise not available in-house
•   Additional bandwidth
•   Project leadership and execution

No matter what the reason for engaging Anovia Consulting, our philosophy is to be a trusted advisor and business partner with our clients.

What does Anovia® mean?

What does Anovia® mean?

We created and trademarked a name that represents what we do and how we think.

Anovia is a combination of the Latin word “nova” meaning “new” and the Latin word “via” meaning “way”. At Anovia, we find new ways to realize results for your business.

Why is our logo orange?

Why is our logo orange?

We love orange!!! It’s a highly energetic color and represents the positive energy we bring to your business on each engagement. Orange also represents creativity, success, stimulation, encouragement, open-mindedness and change—all attributes we bring to our work with you. Plus, as a 3rd generation graduate of University of Illinois, Illini orange is in founder Kathy Knapp’s blood!