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Our business consulting services focus on the 3 P’s of planning, process and projects. Our engagements range from strategic planning to process improvement to cross-functional projects.

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Strategic Planning
Growth Planning
Value Enhancement


Process Improvement
Process Design
Process Documentation
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Cross-Functional Projects
Strategic Initiatives
Financial Projects
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Planning involves taking a difficult but necessary step back from the day-to-day running of your business to look at the landscape – where you are, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Identifying high-impact strategies and tactics to transform and grow your business.

Strategic Planning and Execution
Companies are under constant pressure to grow, innovate and improve performance. Strategic planning is critical to remain–or become–a high-performing business. It requires taking a step back from your day-to-day responsibilities to look at the landscape and understand what is going on around you, identify opportunities and threats, and then develop a clear strategic plan of where you want to go in the next 3-5 years and how you will get there.

A written strategic plan provides focus, creates alignment and sets priorities. Developed with input from multiple constituencies, it serves as the roadmap for realizing objectives such as revenue targets, profit goals, business initiatives, and other critical success measures. Strategic plans can be created at the company level as well as at the business unit level.

Whether it’s developing your first written business plan or re-evaluating and enhancing an existing plan, we find the opportunities and strategic possibilities to help companies realize results. In doing so, we explore the strengths and weaknesses of your organization as well as opportunities and threats. We work with you to develop a strategy that is realistic and implementable, with quantifiable objectives. And because execution of the strategic plan is critical to achieving your objectives, we help you create accountability to realize results.

“Strategic thinking is more productive than wishful thinking.”

Phil Sasso 
Business Owner

Growth Planning
Are you looking to grow revenue and profitability? A growth plan will serve as your roadmap. Shorter-term than a strategic plan, a growth plan focuses on the key driver of revenue generation, the customer.

After determining your business goals, we work with you to develop strategies and tactics that best utilize your limited resources to generate more customer revenue.

When developing a growth plan, it’s important to evaluate fit with the current organizational structure and processes. If processes are not sufficiently robust to handle additional revenue, it’s wise to improve those processes to be prepared for additional growth.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

James Cash Penney
Founder, JC Penney

Value Enhancement
Are you considering selling or transitioning your business in the next several years? If so, it’s critical to understand the current value of your business and how you can enhance it to maximize your financial benefit.

Through our in-depth valuation process, we’ll generate a current valuation for your business. We’ll also create a valuation matrix so you understand how your company’s value can be enhanced. Then we’ll work with you to develop strategies and tactics to increase value and achieve your goals.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

 Warren Buffett


Process consulting views key business processes from a fresh perspective. Reflecting on your processes from a different vantage point provides the opportunity to improve efficiency, effectiveness and business performance.

“Cloud Gate” in Chicago’s Millennium Park was designed by Anish Kapoor and completed in 2006. The sculpture is more commonly referred to by its nickname,“The Bean”, because of its shape. Most visitors only see this impressive sculpture from the ground, but the view from above provides a different reflection.

Helping clients establish high-performing processes to support company growth.

Process Improvement and Efficiencies
There are many business processes within each organization; some are unique to that organization, others are common to many organizations. As a company grows and technology changes, often these processes need to change, too. Unfortunately, these outdated, inefficient processes often fly under the radar, making your team less effective than they could be with an improved process, eating up time and resources that could be put to better use.

We analyze current business processes, identify problem areas, and work with your designated team to map out and design processes that are more effective and efficient. Business process improvement can lead to:

•   productivity improvement
•   cost reduction
•   quality improvement
•   increased employee satisfaction
•   increased customer satisfaction 

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Benjamin Franklin

Process Design
Sometimes an organization requires a new business process. For example, new processes may be needed to support:

•   key initiatives
•   new products/services
•   reporting needs
•   customer requirements
•   new business activities enabled by software/technology

In designing new processes, we begin with the goal of the process and desired outputs. Working with your team to identify the inputs, we design a robust, repeatable, documented process to achieve your goal and provide the desired outputs.

“A strong business process design has a direct impact on success and profitability. The better the process, the better the results.”

Process Documentation
Documented processes help ensure efficient, uninterrupted operation of your business.

• Are your key business processes documented?
• Does turnover, medical leave or vacation absence put your business  at risk because few employees know how to perform critical work?
• Do you depend on current employees to train new hires on work that   involves a repeatable process?

Documenting processes can address these risks and inefficiencies by providing continuity and consistency of performance and also serving as a reference and training document.

We tailor our documentation to each unique process and to your needs. Our process documentation may include:

•   process mapping or visual process flow diagram
•   written step-by-step instructions for implementing the process
•   screen shots
•   videos

Process documentation should be reviewed and updated as needed.

“If you don’t write it down, you don’t own it.”

Michael E. Gerber
Business Author


Companies look to Anovia Consulting for a wide variety of projects.   Sometimes we’re hired to provide expertise not available in-house. At other times, we serve as a flexible staffing resource when employees don’t have the bandwidth given their day-to-day responsibilities. We captain your team to ensure achievement of project objectives in a timely manner.

Reliable, expert project management and execution to support business goals and initiatives.

Cross-Functional Projects
We love cross-functional projects! When projects span multiple departments/functions*, we bridge the gap by providing focus, leadership and insight. Our strength is seeing the big picture but also executing on the details. Our approach, interpersonal style and results are the reason clients hire us again and again for their project needs.

*We also excel at cross-functional projects that that involve vendors, customers, business partners and licensees.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Strategic Initiatives
Clients entrust us to lead day-to-day development and implementation of key strategic initiatives. We navigate both internally across departments and externally with vendors, customers and business partners to bring the strategic initiative to life and deliver results for your company. Clients hire us for a wide variety of key initiatives and custom business projects. Please contact us to discuss your project needs.

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

Morris Chang
Founder & CEO, TSMC,
world’s first and largest semiconductor foundry

Financial Projects
We are a great resource for your financial projects. As a CPA with accounting and finance experience, President Kathy Knapp will lead your financial projects. Past projects range from supporting vendor bids to analyzing product profitability; from cost reduction activities to budgeting, forecasting and developing projections. Anovia Consulting can help improve your company’s bottom line.

“Growth and profit are a product of how people work together.”

Ricardo Semler
CEO, Semco Partners

Do You Need Flexible Resources?

Do You Need Flexible Resources?

Our professionals support your short and long-term needs for new or ongoing efforts.

Our professionals support your short and long-term needs for new or ongoing efforts.